Thomas Hamilton Parker

Thomas Hamilton Parker

He may have originally served in the 1st (Bethel Regiment) and 11th (Bethel Regiment) North Carolina Regiments. Thomas Hamilton Parker did serve in the 62nd North Carolina Regiment. If he served in the 1st and 11th Bethel Regiments of North Carolina, he would have been 15 years young. Initially, conscription ages were 18-45, however, in 1864 conscription ages were generally 17-50. Although Junior Reserves would have been the likely enrollment for a 15 year old, the Union Army is estimated to have enlisted over 100,000 fifteen year old soldiers. So this was common practice. T. H. Parker may have lied about his age, appeared older, or allowed to enlist, regardless. During the American Civil War some of the Parkers were over 6 feet tall. (5 feet 7 inches was the average height for a Civil War soldier). However, if his birth date is incorrect or he lied about his age, then he may have served in all three regiments. The 1st N.C. Volunteers had an enlistment of 6 months, and then disbanded. His service in the 1st and 11th are speculative; however, he did serve in the 62nd North Carolina Infantry Regiment. Most of his brothers served and fought in the war. Please see link below, "The First Confederate Soldier Killed In Battle."

Parker, Thomas Hamilton
Birth: 11 FEB 1846 NC
Death: 10 JUN 1920 Jackson Co., N.C.
Burial: Old Hooper Cemetery, Jackson Co., N.C.
Military Service: Fact Co G, N.C., 62nd Regiment
Gender: M
Census: 1870 Jackson Co., N.C.
Census: 1880 Jackson Co., N.C.
Census: 1910 Jackson Co., N.C.
Census: 1920 Jackson Co., N.C.


Father: Parker, John R.
Mother: Phillips, Nancy
Coward, Sarah Emeline
Birth: 1846 Haywood Co., N.C.
Death: BEF. 1900 Jackson Co., N.C.
Gender: Female
Father: Coward, James
Mother: Denton, Chloe

Parker, Sarah Catherine
Parker, Nancy E.
Parker, Julia Ann
Parker, William Thomas
Parker, Laura
Parker, Cornelia Altena
Parker, Clara Elizabeth   (Married a distant cousin - Robert Lafayette Phillips - Phillips, Robert Lafayette . Her lineage is from - John R. Parker - Parker, John R. - while his lineage is from - Solomon Parker - Parker, Solomon . Solomon Parker and John R. Parker are brothers)
Parker, Minerva
Parker, John Henry
Parker, Bessie C.


62nd North Carolina Infantry Regiment

The Civil War Regiments of Western North Carolina

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